In CRACKING VOLATILITY, I will teach you how to work directly on volatility and its derivatives, and how to use volatility within Trading Systems.
Not just lessons, but a multimedia program that guides you step by step to go deep on the subject of volatility in the context of risk diversification
You'll have at your disposal everything I've learned in almost 20 years of experience. Additionally, you can take advantage of Francesco Placci's knowledge and discoveries
You will always have access to a Community of professional traders who exchange ideas, tips and help to beginners.
Dear trader,

If you are on this site, it means that YOU are also a fan of Systematic Trading and that you are a serious and motivated trader who wants to be in the cutting-edge and have competitive advantages on the markets, even the less known, in order to improve your performance.

As I always say, trading is a hard, difficult job that requires commitment, perseverance and a lot of study. It's a concept that I constantly repeat to all my students and to all the traders who follow me and who want to achieve the same results that I have achieved: there are no magic formulas to turn your PC into an ATM or to make money without putting any effort.

To achieve concrete results in the long term it is important to stay up to date and specialize as much as possible: to do so, it is necessary to follow the example of successful traders who have achieved tangible results and who can teach you their secrets.

In a world as complex as trading, it is essential to focus on training. If you want to excel, you have to specialize and you have to acquire transversal skills on different aspects of online trading and investments.

Because of this, to reward your dedication and your commitment, I have decided to reserve an exclusive offer for you to participate in a process of studying the volatility in the context of diversifying investments.

This is a multimedia training program which has a detailed manual and over 30 videos and audio lessons. The goal is to guide you to the discovery of this type of trading that offers different investment opportunities and allows you to take advantage of persistent trends (volatility trends are STRUCTURAL), which are a peculiar feature of all volatility derivatives.

What are you waiting for?!
Volatility in the context of diversifying investments:
why is it useful to study these aspects?
Perhaps now you are wondering why you should participate in a training program on the subject of volatility in the context of risk diversification. Well, I want to tell you a story that might be useful for you.

It's not "any story", it's about my story, how I started to be successful in this field and how I managed to become 4 times world champion in Trading*. It is my story but, as you will see, YOU as well will easily identify yourself with my experiences.

I started my trading career at the end of the 90s by buying shares because of the advice of some colleagues. My first purchase with the bank was simply ridiculous because it showed that I had no idea what I was doing. There was still no easy access to the myriad of information on the Internet so I had to figure things out in the slow old way.

Once I was in the mountains with my family, my colleague called me, he told me that some stocks were going down and that it would be better to sell immediately. I thought: let's wait a little, the market will rise again as it has already happened in the past.

The time for a walk and a hot chocolate and I had lost a good chunk of my investment. At that moment I realized that I could not continue like this... And like me, many other traders were having the same problems.

All of a sudden, I had a great idea: something had to be done to renew the method of trading, to find an efficient and automated model to produce results. At the same time, I realized how important it was to diversify investments to minimize the risk that a single strategy would stop working.

I began to work with systematic trading by developing a scientific, replicable and transmissible method thanks to which I achieved prestigious international results and thanks to which I managed to become 4 times World Champion of trading. I soon felt the desire to use my experience to train other traders and over the years I have shared my knowledge and my method with over 1000 students, some of whom have also become trading world champions.

Today my dream of creating a Community of systematic traders and of forming a new class of more mature and responsible traders is becoming a reality: unlike in the past, today there are more and more motivated and serious people like YOU who believe in the importance of training and who know that trading is a difficult activity that requires commitment, study and often even sacrifices.

These are traders who share the same passion you do and who, like you, believe in the importance of having a mentor who really understands them: not someone who has done some training or who teaches, but someone who trades for a living and who day after day, for almost twenty years, knows the strengths and weaknesses of this sector ... a bit like a taxi driver who knows the streets of his city to the fullest, he knows the shortcuts, the places to avoid and the best places to park!
What can you expect from
an in-depth study of volatility?
Maybe now you are thinking that the volatility of the markets and the diversification of investments are important topics, but maybe you are a newbie and you don't know if they are good for you. Or - on the contrary - you've already worked with them in other courses and maybe you're wondering, "Why should I participate?", "What can I expect to learn that I don't already know or haven't heard yet?" or "Is it going to work out for me if I start from the beginning?"

First of all, unlike a simple online course, in this case it is an in-depth program with a manual and over 30 videos and audio free lessons, in which a 360° overview will be given regarding the trading on volatility which is very different from other asset classes.

A lot of your study will be done to analyze the different types of volatility and how to use volatility in trading systems, paying attention to the main indicators to be adopted. Particular attention will also be given to investigating the risks associated with trading in volatility derivatives.

One of the main purposes of the program is to teach you to take advantage of the dynamics and trading opportunities offered by volatility. To this end, the video lessons will have a practical outlook, with operating ideas to allow you to work from the day after thanks to our 3 main strategies.

The video lessons are structured to be suitable for both beginners and those who want to work with this type of trading for the first time, and to those who already have a knowledge of the subject but want to improve their performance.

With the help of video lessons, you will have the opportunity to address the issue of investment diversification from a new perspective, you will understand how to trade directly on volatility and you will learn to use volatility with an operational filter.

It is not just a matter of learning new things but also of understanding HOW to put them to work in an operating way. In particular, you will understand why a volatility strategy works and another does not and you will be able to have the confidence and awareness necessary to trade in the most effective way. And you will see that with the 3 strategies that we will teach you it will be easier!

Remember that in the world of trading, as in any other sector, it is not only important to know what to do but also how to do it.

Do not waste time and money with trial and error: follow the advice and experience of those who have already achieved concrete results at an international level.
Who is "Cracking Volatility" for
The "Cracking Volatility" training program is perfect for you if:
  • ​You are a beginner trader and you want to explore the topic of volatility starting from strong foundations
  • ​You are a trader who already knows this topic but you want to understand how to best use volatility in trading systems (without having to trade Options)
  • ​You want to achieve concrete results and want practical tips to apply immediately
  • ​You want to learn how to trade directly on volatility and its derivatives without having to deal with trading options
  • You want to know our 3 operating strategies, which we use personally in our daily trading activities
  • ​Given the nature of the instrument, these strategies are well suited even for discretionary traders
  • ​​You have basic programming skills to understand the strategies codes (luckily EasyLanguage is really simple to understand)
  • ​Even if you do not use MultiCharts or TradeStation, you will still be able to easily code the strategies in other platforms
And that's not everything: because it's my dream and my biggest goal, as I mentioned before, to create a community of systematic traders who are really qualified and always up to date, I have decided to reward your perseverance and your commitment with a one-in-a-life-time offer that will make you say: "Well, at such a price I can't miss it!"
What are the main topics of the
"Cracking Volatility" program?
"Cracking Volatility" is a 360° training program on the topic of volatility in the context of risk diversification.

Here is list with the main topics:
  • ​ Introduction (what you can expect)
  • ​Resources
  • ​Historical and implicit volatility
  • ​Risk premium
  • ​Filters
  • ​Importance of volatility
  • ​Breakout and Mean Reverting systems
  • ​IV Filter
  • ​Volatility Trading
  • ​Volatility indices
  • ​Volatility regimes
  • ​VIX Index and VIX Future
  • ETFs and ETNs, Risks and Mifid II
  • ​The 3 strategies
  • ​Add-ons
What is included in the
"Cracking Volatility" training program?
The "Cracking Volatility" training program includes:
  • ​the in-depth manual
  • ​Bonus: over 30 audio and video lessons
  • ​Bonus: 2 operating strategies with the related codes in EasyLanguage
  • ​Bonus: 1 spread trading strategy on VIX futures with related setups and management rules
  • ​BONUS: Tool to connect to Interactive Brokers and monitor in real time the volatility term structure and its spreads
Here they are in detail:
Multimedia content: manual, audio, video
You will be able to access the material whenever you want and wherever you want: 
computers, tablets and smartphones
Evolution of the Volatility Term Structure over time
Volatility Lab: Interactive Brokers TWS platform
One of the 3 operating strategies:
Screenshot of some trades of the VRP system
Another operating strategy:
Equity Line of the BHSL Trading System
Tool to monitor the future structure of VIX Futures and the price of all VIX Spreads
Multimedia Materials of the
"Cracking Volatility" Program

Cracking Volatility Manual

The many ways I trade volatility, taking advantage of the structural edge of this instrument.
You can read the manual whenever you want / wherever you want.

Master the Code & Go Live - Manuale

Bonus: 30+ Video and Audio Lessons

Reading is boring for you?
You will also receive a series of free videos in which Francesco Placci - Trader and teacher - and I explain all the contents of the manual and some extras.

Master the Code & Go Live - Video Lezioni

Bonus: Unger Academy Forum

Free access for 12 months to the exclusive Unger Academy Community - where students find support and develop strategies, debating with me and other Top Traders.

Master the Code & Go Live - Unger Academy forum
An in-depth analysis of volatility:
Is it really worth it?
To answer this question, I decided to talk about the testimonies of other traders who, like you, have followed other programs at Unger Academy. No random words or useless promises, but the REAL opinions of other traders who have really changed their profession and their lives following our training methods.
PETRA ILONA ZACEK - World Trading Champion 2018
"I certainly recommend following all of Andrea's programs. The main reason why I say this is because Andrea is the real deal and a true trader… Having won the trading championships over and over again, repeatedly, his experience is well proven…. With Andrea you'll have the real deal: he has shown that he knows how to make use of these markets and you can really be very successful with him."

Listen to the entire testimony:
Petra Ilona Zacek - winner of the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading® 2018*
Thomas Thurzo, now Full-time Trader
"I tried everything, but I only made money with Andrea..."

Listen to the entire testimony:
Thomas Thurzo

You are covered by my ZERO-Risks guarantee.

You study the materials thoroughly, then if you are not completely satisfied with the contents within the first 14 days ... I will give you a refund of every penny you spent.

Without any request for explanations from you.

Send me an email saying that you want to have a refund, and I will refund you.
Who are the trainers?
Andrea Unger
Andrea Unger is the only trader in the world to have won the World Trading Championship 4 times.

He was champion in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012.

His ventures in trading began in the late 1990s, leading him to become a professional Trader back in 2001.

How did he become the only top trader in the world to have won 4 world championships?

So much passion, so much perseverance, lots of practice and above all lots of study with the greatest international experts.

This is the path that allowed him to create his winning method with automated trading.

Now he shares his skills by teaching thousands of students both in Italy (where he lives) and abroad how to create effective trading systems.

Among his best students we find:

Stefano Serafini, winner of the World Trading Championship in 2017.

Petra Ilona Zacek, winner of the World Trading Championship in 2018.

Tim Birch, who came on the podium with 3rd place in the 2016 World Championship.

Ivan Sherman, who has been in 1st place at the 2016 World Championship for months.

Thomas Thurzo, who was among the top competitors in the 2018 Championship.

Andrea is also active as an international author and speaker. He wrote the first book in Italy on money management, later translated into Chinese. He is often invited as a speaker to important trading events in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia.
Francesco Placci
Francesco Placci is responsible for the research and development of, an Italian company active in the world of systematic trading.

His first beginnings with the markets took place together with his experience in the banking sector, which he quit to pursue his great passion, trading.

He starts as a discretion trader on the Italian stock market, but soon understands that the most suitable method for him is systematic trading.

Since 2007 he has applied the systematic approach to trading stocks, derivatives and options and he is the trainer for and Unger Academy.

He has often been a speaker at the main trade events in Italy and appeared on Class CNBC as an expert on the subject.

In order to introduce young students to the knowledge of algorithmic trading, he contributed with university courses at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna and Ca 'Foscari of Venice, in Italy.
Francesco Placci
After the program?
Anxiety, uncertainty, doubt ...
These are the negative emotions that wear down and paralyze many aspiring traders.

The variables / unknowns in play are many, and the fear of losing money is too strong.

Now maybe you too are in the same situation ... but after the program you will no longer be in that situation.
After the program:

You have all the information you need to get started on the right foot.

You have at your disposal a step by step program that you simply need to follow.

You have many professionals and a 4-time World Champion by your side.

You can be among the few who reach the highest levels by overcoming this first major obstacle, without burning your capital with beginner's mistakes.
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If you read this far, it means you understood the value of diversification when you're trading.

I promise I'll teach you every fundamental step to learn how to work directly on volatility and its derivatives, and how to use volatility within Trading Systems.

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* Andrea is the winner of the World Cup Trading Championship® in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012.
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